Dear colleagues,

The organizing committee informs, that  international Fifth scientific and practical conference „Internet and Society“ will be held on June 17-18, in Kutaisi.

Place and date
17-18  June, Akaki Tsereteli state University, administrative building 59, Tamar mefe  str., Kutaisi, Georgia Conference working languages
- Georgian,  English, Russian.

E-mail: or

Conference Topics

     Internet infrastructure
Internet programming
Legal basic of Internet
Networked  Economic
Information Society
Electronic Commerce
Electronic Government
Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in education    and science

 Rules  for  complete  paper
Each complete paper accepted for consideration by Editorial Council, passes reviewing.
After reviewing paper can be accepted or can be sent to the author for completion.

  • The materials are accepted in English, Russian and Georgian languages.
  • The materials will published in language of the original.
  • The materials are accepted in DOC/DOCX (MS-Word)file, page size - A4.
    • English or Russian font should be - Times New Roman (size 11pt), line spacing - single;
    • Paragraph indentation: first line – 1,5 cm; alignment - justified;
    • Margins: 2,5 cm - top, right, left, bottom;
    • The paper should comprise following information:
      • Title of the paper (center, bold, size 12pt);
      • Information about author (coauthor):
        • Surname, Name of author and coauthor (center, size 11pt);
        •  Name and address of organizations, in which the authors work (center, size 10pt);
      • Summary (abstract) in paper's language (app. 1000 characters)(size 11pt).
      • The summary should not include references to the quoted literature and cumbersome formulas.
      • Keywords in paper's language (size 11pt).
    • The paper should be divided into paragraphs, items and subitems, if necessary;
    • If paper contains figures or drawings:
      • The drawing should be near to the appropriate text;
      • Drawing should have an inscription;
      • In case of formatting a material, the drawing should be moved with the text;
      • Drawing should be displayed on the screen without defects (resolution 96-150dpi).

Deadline: 28 may 2011