Simulation Modeling of a Queuing System in the MATLAB Environment

  • სტატიის დეტალები

    ავტორი:Khatuna Bardavelidze, Avtandil Bardavelidze

    ინსტიტუტი:Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi,Georgia. Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia,


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  • ანოტაცია
    The paper dwells on the use of simulation modeling of a queuing system (QS) by the example of the trading facility. On the basis statistical analysis of numerical indicators obtained as a result of simulation modeling, there has been established the model adequacy and correctness. Also, the paper proposes various ways of improving a simulation model of a queuing system. Simulation modeling was carried out by using the MatLab/Simulink tools package. Key words - simulation modeling, queuing system (QS), statistical characteristics
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